Our Story

NNRC ELCA was launched by Mr. Dhinakar Perumal, who has also started NNRC Retirement Community, in Coimbatore. In his own words… “NNRC ELCA was created as a medical support system for NNRC Retirement Community family members. The first time I planned for NNRC ELCA was when one of our NNRC Retirement Community customer had a difficult time taking care of his day-to-day activity after a surgery, and he asked me to find a place for his post-operative care. When I searched for one, I realized that there are only a few elder care centers. I can foresee that many of our NNRC Retirement home family members may require such services in the future and hence started NNRC ELCA. Initially I named it as as NNRC’s ELCA (ELder CAre) center - with an apostrophe s and later changed the name to NNRC ELCA for easy use.”

He adds, “NNRC ELCA - Elder Care center is open for any elder who needs our service. However, NNRC Retirement Community Phase 1 customers will get a good discount at NNRC ELCA. There is a big need for Elder Care service in Tamil Nadu. Kids settling abroad, an increasing ageing population are some of the reasons for the big demand. I have customers from all round India - Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra and even from North India. Coimbatore generally is a preferred place since there are very good hospital infrastructure, less pollution, and reasonable cost of living among other reasons. Location of NNRC ELCA closer Airport and Hospitals makes it ideal for supportive care services.”

NNRC ELCA comprehensive elder care center, focus on quality of life improvement for their customers. Various activities for Body, Mind and Soul are given to keep our seniors engaged and entertained. NNRC ELCA is associated with various leading hospitals for speciality treatments and also has in-house doctor and 24 hours senior nurses. Dentists, ophthalmologist, and psychiatrist visits are scheduled on need basis.

NNRC ELCA is an extension of the NNRC retirement community and has been started with the vision to provide comprehensive and continuous supportive care to elders.

A primary concern in the minds of senior citizens are

What to do if I need medical support?

Who can take care of and assist me as I age?

Where can I find help after I get discharged from the hospital after procedure or treatment?

Where can I find skilled nursing for the short or long term?

We analyzed and understood the root of all the questions. It is due to the change in the current lifestyle as we are moving away from the traditional model. In the traditional model, the joint family structure along with the support of helpers used to take care of elders. With changing times, Nuclear families, and children moving to new cities or countries made it difficult to provide care to our loved ones.

We realized that a comprehensive senior supportive health care system is the need of the hour and born is the seed for NNRC ELCA. It is envisioned to provide support to both medical needs and non-medical needs.

NNRC ELCA is a dedicated care center for seniors who are looking for assisted living, transitional, Emotional and palliative services. We believe the comfort of elders is precious, so our comprehensive programs enable us to offer care beyond what the traditional assisted living center can deliver. We offer a full spectrum of clinical support, supportive and holistic services, including end-of-life care, and no resident needs to move out for support.

At NNRC ELCA, we trust in engaging our seniors in a healthy and active lifestyle. We are passionate about providing standard elder care which is centered around comfort, security, and familiarity. Our expert team provides constant support through kindness, experience, responsiveness, and knowledge. Every day there will be holistic activities that suit the interest and abilities of seniors. There will be a routine set for our residents which will help them to overcome isolation and improve their quality of life.

At NNRC ELCA, we guarantee seniors a life full of fun activities, a socially active lifestyle, wellness programs, and community outings to help them thrive, lead happy and meaningful lives.

The NNRC ELCA Promise


To redefine Assisted Senior Living community by offering both medical and holistic supportive solutions wrapped with care and compassion tailored to suit individuals needs


To be a leader in Assisted Senior living by implementing highest standards of medical assistance and life enrichment solutions with the support of top class professionals and innovative technology in all NNRC ELCA center.

Experience the finest options of Senior Assisted and
Palliative Care Living with Us

NNRC ELCA is your Trusted Assisted Living Haven!

Furnished Rooms

We provide a secure, comfortable, and safe living environment. Our spacious rooms are nicely designed, clean, and furnished with all the essentials for a comfortable life.

Daily Fitness Training

Our professional fitness trainers will help improve strength and endurance while coordinating a healthy diet to get you on the right track to living life fully every day.

Affordable Pricing

At NNRC ELCA, we strive to offer the most affordable prices possible. We believe that everybody should be able to afford quality care for their needs, which is why we offer such affordable pricing.

24/7 Security Guards

We provide 24/7 security guards in NNRC ELCA assisted facility. We specialize in compassionate care to ensure they're safe and living comfortably.

House Keeping Services

In NNRC ELCA, we will clean the rooms, do laundry, cook meals, and provide housekeeping services. Our staff are trained in all aspects of senior care, including medication management, personal hygiene, and safety precautions.

Nursing Services

We provide nursing services to assist the elderly to remain healthy and self-sufficient. Personal care services and medication administration can be managed by our trained nurses.