Elderly Senior Personal Support Services

Personal Service


We at NNRC ELCA, are happy to care for the basic needs of seniors, which include, Grooming, Bathing, Dressing, feeding, and more. We provide comprehensive personal care that your loved ones look and feel their best, as they choose.


Our 24/7 ambulance service has ACLS/BLS trained emergency technicians and is equipped with advanced life-saving types of equipment like defibrillators, ventilators, oxygen cylinders, and first aid kits. We also provide transport services to help your loved ones get around, whether it is following up on medical appointments, going for tests, or running various errands.

Transport Services
Transport Services


Lab tests are a vital part of your medical care because they give you and our doctors detailed and objective data about your health status. At NNRC ELCA, we offer a dedicated laboratory service, Whether you need regular blood work or urine testing, or specialized tests to diagnose rare conditions, count on us to provide an extensive range of services. Also, our in-house 24/7 pharmacy ensures safe and effective use of medication right on time.


As we age our body starts to deplete gradually, bones begin to lose their strength, skin becomes saggy, and immunity power reduces which causes the bodily functions to dysfunction leading to various other diseases and deficiencies. To compensate for the loss, elders will need nutrition to boost their immunity and overcome the deficiencies. At NNRC ELCA, our nutritional guide offers you a customized meal plan considering all your health conditions, allergies, weight, age, etc.

Transport Services
Transport Services


At NNRC ELCA, regular physio exercises are offered by our expert physiotherapist, which aids to restore movements and functions for elders suffering from physical problems arising from aging, disability, or injury. It also helps to alleviate pain and restore normal function and reduce the effects of any dysfunction in the elderly.


We at NNRC ELCA, understand that every individual has their own way of doing things and so we take careful note of their preferences and requirements. Our housekeeping services are managed by a highly dedicated team that is responsible for maintaining hygiene and a clean environment conducive to elder care. Our services include,

  • Cleaning premises, rooms, furnishings, and bathrooms.
  • Disinfection and sterilization to minimize the risk of infection
  • Bed-making
  • Biomedical waste management
  • Laundry and Ironing services.
Laundry and Housekeeping Services

Why Choose NNRC ELCA

Amazing Atmosphere

The atmosphere makes seniors feel at home, and their dream comes true.

Assisted Living

Senior centred care with support for basics like feeding, bathing, dressing based on need.

Skilled Nursing

Top nursing facilities for the elderly who require a high level of medical assistance.

Recreational Services

Fun and Frolic with social activities to get Seniors engaged, active and stress- free.

Pharmacy Support

Full-fledged pharmacy facilities for seniors to support their medical conditions.

24/7 Special Service

24/7 Special Services for the elderly to meet their elderly related medical emergencies.